Practice Areas

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” -- Albert Einstein

Creative . Experienced . Practical

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution attorneys are experienced and trained to resolve all types of disputes. They draw upon decades of experience in many areas of the law and business. Based upon their experience in litigating and resolving disputes for their own clients, they are able to address and resolve disputes by listening to the parties with a trained ear and discerning the underlying issues in dispute, discussing the landscape and merits of the dispute, neutrally guiding the parties through the process, and crafting and proposing creative ideas for potential resolutions. Litigation involves risk and expense that can often be avoided through an early dispute resolution process. Our attorneys are able to guide the parties through a thoughtful and effective facilitation process with the goal of achieving a practical and efficient resolution of the dispute.

Our facilitation expertise can be extremely useful and productive in the following types of matters:

  • Business Disputes: shareholder disputes; medical practice issues; contracts, equipment, leases, vendors and suppliers, employment matters and all other facets of business operations.
  • Workplace Matters: harassment and discrimination claims; wage and benefits disputes; co-worker disputes; supervisor/employee disputes; EEOC matters; work environment and disability issues; performance improvement; non-solicitation, non-compete and confidentiality violations

  • Probate and Family Matters: parenting time; custody; grandparent visitation; trust and will disputes; elder care issues; special needs individuals

  • Homeowner Matters: neighbor disputes; Homeowners Association (HOA) disputes; boundary problems

  • Real Property Matters: title insurance claims, construction and construction lien disputes; mortgage and foreclosure claims

  • Securities Claims: suitability, diversification, execution claims

  • Insolvency Matters: debtor/creditor disputes, workouts