Practice Areas

Our firm has successfully represented many clients in real and personal property tax related issues, specifically the overpayment of personal property taxes.  We know, firsthand, the discrepancies that exist in how taxes are calculated and, as a result, the negative impact it can have on our clients' finances.
In recent years, the disparity between state depreciation guidelines and the true value of personal property has often resulted in a significant overpayment of taxes.  To further complicate matters, personal property taxes throughout the United States represent a significant source of revenue for local governments, so the incentive to address this issue falls solely on our clients.  While this certainly is a challenge, we understand the complexities of the issue and can help you.
Our creative tax appeal team has developed a proven 6-step solution that explores various aspects of real and personal property tax assessments to find aggressive ways to help clients reduce their tax burdens, and where appropriate, successfully handle their appeal process.  This solution includes;
  • Disparity determination (between assessed value and FMV) warranting an appeal
  • Substantiate preliminary findings through evidence evaluation
  • Board of Review appeal (if necessary and/or appropriate)
  • Michigan Tax Tribunal appeal
  • Collaborate with municipality (assessor's office) to achieve resolution
  • Litigation proceedings if no resolution achieved

For many years, our highly-qualified team has leveraged their tax expertise to help clients control the costs of tax appeals while achieving positive financial results on their behalf.