Practice Areas

Maddin Hauser is one of Michigan's pre-eminent real estate and mortgage/banking firms. Within that niche, Maddin Hauser's Consumer Finance/Regulatory Compliance and Real Property Litigation (CFRCP) Group has become a key resource to local and national mortgage lenders and servicers, banks, title insurance companies, and national landlords/property owners doing business within the state in litigation, transactional matters, and regulatory/compliance matters. Read our recent success stories.
The CFRCP Group also led the firm, as one of a small, select group of law firms in the United States, in its participation in the largest default servicing audit in U.S. history as directed by the United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and Federal Reserve Board.  The CFRCP Group provides a unique combination of expertise in having participated in high-level mortgage regulatory compliance matters, as well as extensive litigation of loan level mortgage litigation disputes.  This perspective allows the CFRCP Group to serve its financial services clients efficiently, cost effectively, and with minimized risk while navigating the complete “life-cycle” of mortgage origination and servicing processes.
Also, in an effort to assist the mortgage industry in controlling institutional spending on outside legal counsel, the CFRCP Group was instrumental in creating its Lending Litigation Toolkit (L2TK™) product which was designed to reduce institutional costs in the handling of portfolio level litigation.  Furthermore, the CFRCP Group created the firm’s innovative ASPECT™ System which is designed to assist in the efficient testing of client compliance with federal mortgage regulatory requirements.
On occasion, the CFRCP Group assists its clients in trouble-shooting regional and national matters -- giving Maddin Hauser a level of expertise well beyond its local focus. In addition, Maddin Hauser's CFRCP Group has developed strategic relationships with national law firms specializing in the real estate and banking areas in order to assist those firms in better serving their clients' needs in Michigan. Simply put, Maddin Hauser's CFRCP Group has become "the place to go" for your real estate and banking legal needs in Michigan.

Why Do Clients Benefit From Using Maddin Hauser's Consumer Finance/Regulatory Compliance and Real Property Litigation Group?
Too often, law firms focus on themselves, rather than their clients. In the legal marketplace, many law firms simply tout how wonderful they are - expecting clients to walk through the law firm's doors merely because the clients are enamored by what the law firm believes to be its overwhelming charm and expertise - without even a passing reference to how the firm's skills and expertise match-up with their clients' needs and, yes, how clients actually benefit from using the firm. So, why do clients benefit from using Maddin Hauser's CFRCP Group?
  • We are the "one call" solution for our clients with real estate or mortgage/banking problems in Michigan.

  • Once the call is made, we move heaven and earth to solve the client's problem (in the best manner for the client, rather than our firm) as quickly, economically, pragmatically, painlessly, and successfully as possible. Simply put, we are doggedly determined to pursue our clients' goals; we do not give up - we adapt and move forward.

  • We are empathetic, not arrogant - understanding the demands placed on our clients within their industry, as well as demands and pressures exerted on our client contacts, including management of massive case loads, difficulties in complying with court deadlines, processing hundreds of e-mails a day, and navigating complex financial relationships, and a myriad of regulations - and we utilize our concentrated depth and expertise, in such a way as to make our clients' lives easier by being responsive and providing meaningful, regular, and clear analyses and recommendations.

  • We genuinely enjoy helping people, and doing our best -- in a sincere, honest, and yes, humble manner.

  • We are result focused, assisting clients in controlling, or even avoiding, their downside risk by employing a system of focused fact gathering, early and practical goal definition, end-focused planning, strategy, and execution, and periodic re-evaluation to ensure matters are "on track".

  • Our industry expertise, approach to case management which includes maintaining sufficient senior attorney involvement in matters to achieve better results and to ensure that cases are "kept on track" (thereby reducing per file cost), and economical rate structure allows our clients to truly realize cost effectiveness and cost savings in their legal spending.

  • We welcome and value our clients' feedback to improve our processes with the goal of having them actually enjoy the experience of working with us.