How to Handle Negative Social Media Posts
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Many clients often ask me if it's legal for their clients or employees to post negative social media posts about the company. My common response is that you shouldn't focus on whether or not it's legal or illegal, you should focus on what's best for your brand and your company. Defamation, libel and slander are only actionable if they are false statements of fact. Most people are allowed to express their opinions as long as they aren't making any false statements of fact.
How to turn negative engagement on social media into something positive:
Other clients ask me how to rebrand or improve a negative perception. Most of the time, you don't want to deny any accountability or deny any knowledge of an issue. Instead, you want to thank the person for bringing an issue to your attention. You want to investigate and always improve your culture and your brand and also focus on all of the positive initiatives you're going to take to improve your general perception rather than hash it out over social media and potentially have a perception that you are picking on the little person.