Nine Maddin Hauser Attorneys are Super Lawyers

Nine Maddin Hauser attorneys have been named “Super Lawyers.”

The Legacy of Simko and Winiemko, Michigan Bar Journal (Feb. 2009)
Agents Beware With Your Commercial Clients
Michigan's Sales Representative Act Revisited
Mediation Confidentiality: Too Much of a Good Thing?
The Abominable Snowman, the Easter Bunny, and "The Intentional Tort Exception" to Governmental Immunity
Bankruptcy and Insurance
Clayton Holdings and Maddin Hauser Partner for CFPB Readiness Assessment Program
Legal News Attorney Relishes Complexities of Commercial Litigation
Maddin, Hauser, Roth & Heller Named Among “2014 Go-To Law Firms® at the Top 500 Companies”
Crain's Detroit Business Home is Where the Cases Are
HR Connections: Strategies for Challenging Unemployment Benefit Claims
Lending Litigation Toolkit (L2TK™)
Legal Malpractice Discussion Video
JOIN US FOR Maddin Hauser's 2014 Employment Law Symposium
David E. Hart Speaking at National Business Institute (NBI)
Legal Issues Facing Insurance Agents Video
Issues with Regards to Insurance Coverage Video
James M. Reid, IV: Detroit Society for Human Resource Management Webinar Presentation
5 Tips to Contest Unemployment Claims
Success Stories: Consumer Finance/Regulatory Compliance and Real Property Litigation Group
ASPECT™ System
Maddin Hauser Bankruptcy News-City of Detroit
James M. Reid, IV: Employment Law Symposium Presentation Download
Offering Franchises: A Primer by Stuart M. Bordman
Caveat Receiver: Practical Tips for Appointing or Serving as a Receiver by Michelle Harrell
Putting the ‘Stress’ in Distressed
Reduce Your Real Estate Taxes - Video
Stewart C.W. Weiner Quoted in "Armed for Arbitration" – Real Estate News Online
Maddin Hauser Featured in Michigan Banker Magazine, “Maddin Hauser: The Banker’s Law Firm”

Emergency Managers: Savior or The Big, Bad Wolf?
Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements by Michelle Harrell
Sandstone Associates, L.P. v. City of Novi
Vestevich v. West Bloomfield Township
Lakeview Commons, L.P. v. Empower Yourself, L.L.C.
Michelle C. Harrell Quoted in "A&P Stops Paying Rent on Farmer Jack's Spaces: 24 Lawsuits Filed," Crain's Detroit Business
Accountant-Client Privilege in Michigan by Michelle C. Harrell
Claims Professionals on the Firing Line!

Life Lessons Learned Along the Way by Harvey Heller
Stewart C.W. Weiner Quoted: Outside Auditors Hired to Inspect Jewish Community Center's Finances
Stewart C.W. Weiner Quoted: Financial Rescue...JCC to Get Help With Current and Long-Term Debt
Michigan Receivers: Significant New Court Rule Requirements
Court Denies County’s Dismissal Request In Phoenix Center Litigation
Those Who Forget Where They Come From, Don’t Know Who They Are
Rising Interest Rates and The SCRA
Oakland County Legal News Interviews Martin S. Frenkel in: Consumer Compliance Attorney Gets Chance to ‘play’...
We All Own Our Future: Life Lessons Learned Along the Way
Why do clients, tax and financial professionals select Maddin Hauser’s Tax Practice Group?
Richard Roth: Trust Protectors Presentation
Ottawa Towers Challenges Pontiac Condemnation and Demolition of Phoenix Center
CAM Reconciliation Season
5 Ways to Halt the Employee Litigation Spiral
Trust and the Prudent Investor
Appellate Watch: Recent Michigan Opinions
Bentleys, Billionaires, and the Statute of Repose for Michigan Legal Malpractice Claims
Never Take a Short Cut that Compromises Quality: Life Lessons Learned Along the Way
How the Heck Do We Make Money in the Mortgage Industry Anymore?!
You Want Me to Do What?!
Beneficiary Flexible Trusts
Compliance with the Affordable Care Act from an Employment Law Perspective!
Maddin Hauser Attorneys Selected by Prestigious Legal Guide as Leading Lawyers for 2014
Appellate Watch: Recent Michigan Opinions2
James M. Reid, IV Receives OCBA Distinguished Service Award
Big League Fan! Attorney Visits Baseball Stadiums Around the Country
Business and Divorce
a Word to the Wise: Plan Ahead

Don’t Always Accept What’s In Front of You
What Type of Entrepreneur are You?
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: There is no Shortcut to “Success”
Targets Other than Target: Increasing Focus on Intellectual Property Theft via Cyber-Attacks
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: There is no Shortcut to “Success”
Sometimes, You Just Have to Laugh...
The Rules (and their Enforcement) of the Mortgage Game Have Changed
The Supreme Court Makes it Harder for Employers to Defend Retaliation and Age Discrimination Cases
Michael W. Maddin is Named Jewish Historical Society of Michigan President

Property Tax Uncapping and “That Call”
New Bill of Rights
What Do You Do When the Roads of Divorce and Bankruptcy Intersect?
The Top 5 Excuses that Employers Make to Delay Updating Their Employee Handbook
My Top 5 Reasons to Have an Employee Handbook
My Top 5 Provisions to Include in the Employee Handbook Acknowledgement
Employment Lifeline BLOG
BREAKFAST BITES: Complex & General Litigation
Red Cross Blood Drive
Wage and Hour Lawsuits are at Record Highs
Minimum Wage...Who’s the Real Target?
How to be a Hero to Your Retirement Plan Clients
Digital Asset Planning: Plan Now or Pay Later
Managing the Data Risk
14 Maddin Hauser Attorneys Named Among the Best Lawyers in America®

Harvey R. Heller Named 2015 Detroit Insurance Law "Lawyer of the Year" by Best Lawyers in America®

James Reid Interviewed in: HR’s New Balancing Act - Crain’s Detroit Business

Technological Advances Impact “Mailbox Rule” Notification
Minimum Wage Increase and Posting Requirements
Maddin, Hauser, Roth & Heller Attorneys Named to Michigan Super Lawyers® List

Tenacity and Pragmatism...Problem-Solving’s One, Two Punch
Qualified, Schmalified – Is the QM Safe Harbor Really Safe?
ROUNDTABLE: Brainstorming Sessions
The Interplay Between “Other Insurance” Clauses
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Great Assistants Clear the Field so You Can Be the Best You Can Be
William E. Sigler to Participate as Webinar Panelist: Goodwill in Corporate Asset Sales
Robin Williams' Trust - No Longer a Private Matter
Sales Tax and Internal Controls
BREAKFAST BITES: Complex & General Litigation Session 1

Who Killed the Crowdfunding Buzz?

To Cloud or Not to Cloud

Successor Liability for Employers
Affordable Care Act – Do All Employers with 50 to 99 FTEs Have Until 2016 to Comply?
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Blog
Steven D. Sallen Interviewed for Risk & Insurance Article Hope for America's Malls?

Time to Start Counting Down for 2015 Compliance with the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”)
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Severance Pay as Part of an Employment Settlement – Do You Have to Withhold FICA?

Life Lessons Learned Along The Way: Always “Come Across!"

Michelle C. Harrell and Brian A. Nettleingham Appointed to Board of Directors of Living Arts

Michael W. Maddin Elected as Life Fellow of the American Bar Foundation

Hoarding Money Away for Retirement
New Option for Deferring Retirement Benefits
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Be Better Prepared!
Breakfast Bites for Tax Practitioners Registration Form
Thank you for registering for the Breakfast Bites for Tax Practitioners!
Being Asked to Serve as a Trustee — An Honor or a Disaster in the Making?
Law Firms are People, Too
Time Spent in Security Screenings is Unpaid
Zero Tolerance Policies May Expose Employers to Reverse Discrimination Claims
Robert D. Kaplow Interviewed in The Week
Employer Medical Reimbursement/Payment of Individual Health Insurance Premiums
Your Ever-Increasing Duty to Protect Another from the Conduct of a 3rd Person
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Cliff Jumping
Buy Your Home Back After Foreclosure? Fannie and Freddie Announce Major Policy Shift
Insuring Your Franchise: The Risks Around the Corner
Joint Employer Rulings By The NLRB and California Courts
Plan for Your Business Succession Rather than Leaving it up to Chance

Shareholder and Member Disputes: The Consequences and Avoiding Them
Maddin Hauser Names Jesse L. Roth as Associate

When is a Client Liable for the Tortious Acts of Its Attorney?
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Lessons I Did Not Know I Learned
Company Bashing & Employee Harassing on the Internet: Keeping Things Professional with a Social Media Policy
Blood or Affinity...Finally, Clarity Regarding the Avoidance of Uncapping Property Taxes, but How Much?
Is Your Nonprofit Corporation Up To Date?
Timing is Not Necessarily Everything: Defending Retaliatory Termination Claims Under Michigan’s Civil Rights Act
An Ethical Dilemma
Affordable Care Act - IRS Provides Transitional Guidance on Certain Types of Health Reimbursement Arrangements
Are You Ready To Franchise?
RESPA: Is Kindness Prohibited?
Liability for Data Storage and Security
Navigating the Cyberblitz: Risk Management with Cyber Liability Insurance
Court Finds Emergency Inside Round Unfair
Private Equity & Venture Capital - BLOG
James M. Reid to Present Top Tips Regarding Social Media Policies and Electronic Devices at Michigan HR Day on April 16, 2015

Will the New Expanded Uncapping Exemption Keep Your Family Cottage in the Family? It’s a Step in the Right Direction...
Celebrity Wills in the News
Civil Rights Exposure of Private Entities under Section 1983; Avoiding the Fray
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Opening Day – Semper Fidelis
What’s So Special about a Special Needs Trust? A lot
Planning For A Special Needs Child
Ethical Dilemmas: What Should You Do?

Robert D. Kaplow in Laches: To Be or Not To Be (A Trustee) That Is The Question

Rules Change for Originating Consumer Mortgages: The New TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (“TRID”)

Michelle C. Harrell to Present at The Institute of Continuing Legal Education’s 1st Annual Entrepreneurial Law Institute

When Attorney Marketing Becomes Defamatory: How Far Does The Litigation Privilege Extend?
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Dust Settles (Clients Want a Result, Not Paper)
Charles M. Lax & Stuart M. Bordman Host Breakfast Bites for Tax Practitioners Session

September 30, 2015 Amendments to Garnishment Laws Benefit the Employer/Creditor
Amendments to Expungement Laws Allow Applicants to Legally Deny Convictions
5 Ways to Halt the Employee Litigation Spiral

Watch Out for Successor Liability

Binding Mediation Agreements are Enforceable
The Enforceability of Transaction Indemnities Against Stockholders
Maddin Hauser's 2014 Employment Law Symposium Outlines & Presentations
Maddin Hauser's 2015 Employment Law Symposium Outlines & Presentations
Maddin Hauser Attorneys Selected by Prestigious Legal Guide as Leading Lawyers for 2015

Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Lessons from the Stage

Maddin Hauser Welcomes New Business and Real Estate Litigator, Jonathan B. Frank

Data Protection and Retention

New TRID Effective Date: October 3, 2015
New IRS Reporting Requirements for IRAs
The Power of the Solo 401(K) Plan

Private Equity and Venture Capital Page
Charles M. Lax Interviewed in The Wall Street Journal Article, “Jeb Bush’s Pension Cut His Taxes”

Maddin Hauser Sponsors Association of Corporate Counsel Michigan Chapter: Defensive Employment Practices for a Changing World
New Guidance on the Taxation of Executive Compensation Under Section 409A
Oakland Circuit Court Dismisses City of Pontiac Lawsuit Against Ottawa Towers LLC

Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: “Winning”!

New Proposed Rules Chill Fee Waivers

Thomas W. Werner Elected to Board of Directors for Michigan Youth Arts

Maddin Hauser Welcomes Senior Attorney Gary A. Kravitz to the Firm

Unlawful Employee Handbook Provisions
Michelle C. Harrell’s “Attorney Checklist for Interviewing Entrepreneurs” published in ICLE's Checklist Catalog

Where is Your Will?
14 Maddin Hauser Attorneys Named Among the Best Lawyers in America® 2016

Charles M. Lax Named 2016 Detroit Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law "Lawyer Of The Year" By Best Lawyers In America®

Why You Should (and Should Not) Appoint a Corporate Trustee
Protecting Privileged Communications Shared Between Transaction Parties
Employment Law Breakfast Bites Follow Up: Administrative Charge of Discrimination
POSTPONED: James M. Reid to Discuss Workplace Violence Issues with Paul W. Smith on WJR Radio - August 28, 2015

Top 10 Tips to Minimize the Likelihood of Workplace Violence
Maddin, Hauser, Roth & Heller Attorneys Named to 2015 Michigan Super Lawyers® List

Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Refreshed by a Granddaughter’s Visit
Jeb Bush Did it: You Could Too
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Robert D. Kaplow to Speak at MICPA Conference: CPE Mega Conference

Pontiac Officials May Reverse their Decision to Demolish the Phoenix Center

Some Trends in Legal Malpractice Litigation in Michigan From 2009 to 2015
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: The Nonroutine Routine
James M. Reid to Speak at OCBA Seminar: Medical Marijuana: Navigating the Employment, Criminal and Business Issues
What Breaking My Leg Taught Me About Estate Planning
James M. Reid to Speak at 26th Annual Michigan Statewide Payroll Conference
James M. Reid, IV to Present at Northeast Michigan Human Resource Association’s 2015 Labor Law Seminar
James M. Reid to Speak at Upcoming Seminars

Maddin Hauser Client Garden Fresh Gourmet Featured in Crain’s Detroit Business Article “Path to the Garden Fresh Deal”

Can Appraisal Rights be Waived by Agreement?
Arbitration In Civil Litigation; A Contractual Waiver of the Right to Trial by Jury?
Thanksgiving: The Best Holiday
Jewish Federation Recognizes John E. Jacobs for AFP National Philanthropy Day

Clean Up Your Estate Plan
Helping Children Buy a House Using a Shared Equity Financing Agreement
Robert D. Kaplow’s “Clean Up Your Estate Plan” in Detroit Public Television’s Signal Magazine

End Of Lifecycle Issues

Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreements—Should You or Shouldn’t You?
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: The Peril for Trustees With Big Hearts
“FINRA Arbitrations are Biased Against Customers” and Other Tall Tales Told Around the Campfire
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Corner Office

Affordable Care Act - Discretionary Updates for Cafeteria Plans
Thomas W. Werner Appointed to Shareholder

Steven D. Sallen to Speak at Wayne State University Technical Foundation for Entrepreneurship Workshop

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Footsteps at the Door: Perils for Agents When There is No Coverage
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Brotherly Love
Maddin Hauser and Two Attorneys Recognized in Chambers USA

Maddin Hauser's 2016 Employment Law Symposium
Thank You For Registering for Maddin Hauser's 2016 Employment Law Symposium
IRS Warns Human Resource Professionals to Watch Out for New W-2 E-mail Phishing (“Spoofing”) Scheme
Maddin Hauser Client Ottawa Towers Wins Appeal In Pontiac Condemnation Case

Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Away From the Fresh Country Air
New Able Accounts for the Disabled
Disinheriting A Child – A Parent’s Agony
EEOC Files First Lawsuits Challenging Sexual Orientation Discrimination as Sex Discrimination Under Title VII-Civil Rights Act
Time to Reconsider Strict Liability Penalty Interest in Coverage Disputes Arising Under Third Party Liability Policies
Test Employment Law Symposium Registration Form
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Grandpa Stories and The Big Picture
Top Five Tips for Managing Unemployment Tax Liability
Time to Reconsider Strict Liability Penalty Interest in Coverage Disputes Arising under Third Party Liability Policies

529 Plans – Tax-Free Savings Accounts for College: 10 Things You Should Know
Litigating the Prenuptial Agreement

Garnishments Made Easier -- Michigan’s Amended Garnishment Law

Attorney Judgment Rule from A to Z
Stewart C.W. Weiner Provides Insight in Michigan Lawyers Weekly Article on Prenuptial Agreements

Download Maddin Hauser's 2016 Employment Law Symposium Materials

Practice and Procedure I - The Audit Process
Introducing Evan Kaploe
The Defend Trade Secrets Act Requires Employers to Update Agreements in Order to Receive New Federal Remedies
New Overtime Regulation Issued by The Department of Labor May Require Exempt Employees to be Reclassified as Hourly
Maddin Hauser Welcomes Evan H. Kaploe to its Tax Practice Group

Geoffrey N. Taylor’s Article “When Should Clients Be Advised to Use a Corporate Trustee?” Published in Estate Planning

Why is My Excellent Attorney Issuing a Crummy Notice?
The Continuing Assault on Contractual Arbitration Clauses; A Further Examination
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Lights Out Story Crafting
James M. Reid’s “Unlawful Employee Handbook Provisions” Published in Michigan HR Connections

Estate Planning Goes Digital in Michigan
“Take Me to the Artificial River” by Gary Kravitz Published in SBM Real Property Law e-Newsletter

Tax-Related Identity Theft

Minimizing Tax Liability upon Sale of Your Accounting Practice
Fourteen Maddin Hauser Attorneys Listed in the Best Lawyers in America© 2017

Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: A Shot of Jules for What Ails You (and a Shout Out to Him)
Stephanie C. Mellin Participates in ICLE Seminar Creditors’ Rights Update 2016

Another Ethical Dilemma
Stephanie C. Mellin Joins Maddin Hauser

Proposed Treasury Regulations Place Family Businesses Under Attack, Again

Thirteen Maddin Hauser Attorneys Selected to 2016 Michigan Super Lawyers® List

Talking to the Other Side: A Critical Tool in the Practical Litigator’s Toolbox
Take Me to the Artificial River
How to Pass on Grandmother’s China
Maddin Hauser Attorneys Bike for Make-A-Wish, Team Alex
Maddin Hauser Welcomes Kaitlin A. Brown to the Firm

The Who and the How
Over the years, many clients have asked me whether they need a trust. More recently, with the estate tax lifetime exemption (actually called the “basic exclusion amount” by the IRS) being $5,450,000 for an individual and $10,900,000 for a married couple, clients again are asking whether they need a trust.
The Case Against Expert Witness Malpractice
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Dancing to the Music
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Kaitlin A. Brown Participates in ICLE Seminar Negotiating Early Resolution of Employment Law Cases

David M. Saperstein to Guide Visually Impaired Runner in Upcoming Half Marathon

New Partnership Disguised Sale Regulations
VOICES FROM THE GRAVE: Preserving Testimony of Settlors and Testators
Thirteen Maddin, Hauser, Roth & Heller, P.C. Attorneys Named Among 2017 DBusiness Magazine Top Lawyers

Proposed Treasury Regulations Place Family Businesses Under Attack, Again - Part Deux
Contracting with Public Entities; Can Liability Spill Over?
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: The Case of Hemingway v. Faulkner
David M. Saperstein’s Attorney Judgment Rule from A to Z Published in Michigan Defense Quarterly

James M. Reid, IV Elected Labor And Employment Law Section Council for the State Bar of Michigan

William E. Sigler Presenting at The Ralph Grant Institute 13th Annual Professional Development Conference

Privileged and Confidential Communications Survive Upon Demise of Persuader Rule

Kaitlin A. Brown Recognized as Up and Coming Lawyer by Michigan Lawyers Weekly

Overtime Rule Blocked by Nationwide Preliminary Injunction

Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: I Make the Best Potato Latkes
Employers May Avoid Bonus Payments by Terminating Employees Prior to the Payout Date
President-Elect Trump and the Prospects for Changes to the Tax Laws
Gifts or Donations of Collections
Are You Prepared for the January 1, 2017 Minimum Wage Increase and Posting Requirements?
Thank You For Registering for Maddin Hauser's 2018 Employment Law Symposium
Maddin Hauser's 2017 Employment Law Symposium
Gary A. Kravitz Promoted to Shareholder

Keep Those Receipts!!
I Wish I had a Crystal Ball
Does the IRS Consider Us the Employer?
Sixth Circuit Applies “Knowing Wrongful Acts” Exclusion to Bar Negligent Failure to Supervise Claim under E&O Policy...
Advice for Protesting or Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment
Maddin Hauser Welcomes Associate Attorney R.J. Cronkhite

Penalties for Deducting Zeroed-Out Shareholder "Bonuses"
David E. Hart to Speak at Upcoming Seminars

A Well Drafted Job Description/Attendance Policy Proved to be Critical in Defending a Disability Discrimination Claim
Maddin Hauser Attorneys and Firm Recognized in Prestigious Legal Guide

Michael W. Maddin Recognized as Leader in the Law by Michigan Lawyers Weekly

Harvey R. Heller Speaks at Legal Malpractice & Risk Management Conference

“Settle and Sue” Defense Strategies
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Eight Seconds to Boston
Be-leach it or Not: Employers Using Bleach May Unknowingly Violate Michigan Law—and Face Sanctions
Complex Litigation and Risk Advisory Blog
Adam M. Blaylock Joins Maddin Hauser

Age Discrimination May be Inferred from Poorly Documented Reasons for Separation and the Redistribution of Work Duties
Detroit Free Press Spotlights David M. Saperstein as Runner of the Week

Do You or One of Your Parents Need a Will Contract?
Got Creditors? New Michigan Trust Can Protect You
Maddin Hauser Adds Associate Kevin M. Henry to its Corporate and Real Estate Practice Groups

Exhaustion Requirements in the Context of True Excess Coverage and Coincidental Excess Coverage
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: How Fast Do You Adapt?
The Peculiar Language of Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax
My New Favorite Case Involving the Internal Revenue Service: Barrigas vs. Howard Stern, et. al.
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: The Art of Bicycle Maintenance
John E. Jacobs Receives Prestigious William Davidson Lifetime Achievement Award

Mary C. Aretha Joins Maddin Hauser's Defense and Insurance Coverage Practice Group

Controlling Your Trust Assets to the Grave and Beyond
Qualified Dispositions in Trust – Michigan Joins the Ranks of States Offering Asset Protection Trusts – Part 2
The Sixth Circuit Byrnes the Internal Revenue Service: New Precedent for Owners of Businesses With Employees
Tell Me Where It Hurts, published by Michigan Bar Journal, May 2017
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: A Personal Tribute to 45
The Sixth Circuit Holds that Class Action Waivers are Unlawful While the Same Issue is Still Pending at the Supreme Court
Download Maddin Hauser's 2017 Employment Law Symposium Materials
Did the 2016 Overtime Rule Take Effect?
Changes to the Affordable Care Act May Be Coming
Let’s Talk Civility

Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Own Tomorrow’s Biggest Stock Winners – Today!

Adam M. Blaylock to Speak at Upcoming Event on Disabilities in the Workplace

Six Months After Allard III. Are Prenuptial Agreements Still Alive and Well?
An Update on the New Partnership Audit Rules Under BBA
A Brief Overview of the Bipartisan Budget Act
Fifteen Maddin Hauser Attorneys Recognized as Leading Lawyers

Fourteen Maddin Hauser Attorneys Named To 2018 Best Lawyers® in America List

The Aging Population

Best Lawyers® Recognizes Two Maddin Hauser Attorneys as “Lawyers Of The Year”

Fourteen Maddin Hauser Attorneys Selected to the 2017 Michigan Super Lawyers® List

Michigan Gives Wide Berth in Legal Malpractice Cases to Attorneys who Exercise their Judgment in Good Faith
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’
Pension Plans as Succession Plans for Small-Business Owners
What is Portable, but You Can’t Take it With You?
Awful But Lawful – Attorney Fee Provision Gone Bad
Federal Court Narrows Scope of Indemnity Actions Against Staffing Agencies Arising from Title IX Actions
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Candy Land
Bitcoin - The Virtual "Non-Currency"
Due Diligence
Twenty-Sixth Annual Tax Symposium Materials
BREAKFAST BITES: TAX LAW: Roundup of Recent Tax Developments
Ten Maddin, Hauser, Roth & Heller, P.C. Attorneys Named Among 2018 DBusiness Magazine Top Lawyers

Maddin Hauser Hosts 26th Annual Tax Symposium

Limitations on Insurance Agent and Broker Liability; Michigan’s Proposed New Law
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: I’m a Rhymer!
2! (A Seussian Verse!)
Top Ten Nontax Reasons to do Estate Planning
Michelle C. Harrell Selected Among 2017 Most Notable Women Lawyers in Michigan

Minimum Wage Increase and Posting Requirements

R.J. Cronkhite Elected Secretary of Governing Council for State Bar of Michigan Litigation Section

Maddin Hauser Appoints New Shareholder

Taking Aim at Alternative Liability in the Post-Tort Reform Era
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Resolutions and Goals
New Tax Law will Impact Resolution of Alimony / Spousal Support Disputes
Cold as ICE: Employers Face Stiff Fines for Immigration Document Violations
I Thought the New Tax Law was a Tax Cut: Implications on Real Property Taxes and Appeal Rights

John A. MacKenzie Joins Maddin Hauser

ACA – The Individual Mandate is now Penalty Free
Maddin Hauser Adds Associate Zoey A. Mayhew

Kathleen Klaus and Jesse Roth Provide Insight to Michigan Lawyers Weekly on the Effects of Spokeo

Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance: Are You Sitting On A Ticking Time Bomb?

Spokeo, 21 Months Later
Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: I Owe it to the Grateful Dead
Incorporating Income Tax and Basis Planning Into an Estate Plan
The Federal Estate Tax – Dying a Slow Death?
Charles M. Lax Recognized as Leader in the Law by Michigan Lawyers Weekly

Life Lessons Learned Along the Way: Game Time
Circular 230: Your Responsibility For a Client’s Foreign Financial Account Reporting
Ramping Down the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program
Test Video Embed -- from Resources
A Heads Up For Servicers Acquiring Servicing Rights in Pennsylvania: You Now Need A License!

Good News for Investors and Servicers: Court of Appeals Says “No” to City of Detroit Efforts to Collect Unpaid Property Taxes
Employers Beware: Your Background Checks Could Provide More Than You Bargained For
Reviewing Estate Plans as a Result of New Tax Act
Maddin Hauser Expands its Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Corporate Practice

Attention Mortgage Servicers: Beware the St. Germain Act When It Comes To Due On Sale Clauses