About Us
Maddin Hauser's roots began in 1925, when Milton M. Maddin graduated from the University of Michigan Law School and opened an office in Downtown Detroit. Maddin & Maddin was formed with Michael Maddin's graduation. It later expanded with several associates, and Richard Maddin's entry several years later. In 1982, Maddin & Maddin, along with and Weiner, Hauser, Wartell & Roth, two small firms with similar philosophies and client-basis, merged to become Maddin, Hauser, Wartell, Roth & Heller, P.C.
The Maddin Hauser team has steadily grown since, through selective lateral additions and clerkship program implementations and specialty area buildup, outgrowing its space numerous times.
While the Maddin Hauser client base has risen almost daily, we have had the pleasure of serving some who started with us over 50 years ago. Our ability to adjust to change has consistently enabled Maddin Hauser to help our clients with the changes they incur on a regular basis.
We are particularly proud of our diverse Maddin Hauser family, culture, commitment, and work ethic. Our vision is clear and we are there for our clients.